Traffic Law

Traffic offences are common and at times unavoidable.

Most offences, including speeding and running a red light, result in you being issued with an infringement notice (commonly known as a fine or ticket).

However, some more serious charges require you to attend court.

It is important to be aware that all tickets can be challenged through the legal system by electing to go to court on the notice.

While not as serious as some other offences, traffic charges can have dire consequences through the accumulation of points and/or loss of your drivers licence.

If you lose your driver’s licence it can affect your livelihood, employment and family.

Our expert traffic lawyers can help minimise the impact on your life and help protect your licence from being disqualified, whether you’re facing speeding, drink-driving, unlicensed, dangerous or any other driving offence.

We appear regularly in court on behalf of clients charged with all types of traffic offences.

We also negotiate with police and other enforcement agencies prior to court to reduce or remove infringement notices and get the best outcome for you.

Drink and drug-driving

Drink and drug-driving are two of the most common reasons a person will appear in court.

Drink driving varies in seriousness depending if it is found to be in the low, medium or high range, and if you have been faced court over this type of offence before.

Drug driving varies in seriousness depending if the drug detected was just said to be found in your blood or saliva, or whether it was said to have adversely affected your ability to drive. 

Talk to a member of our experienced team if you are facing one or more of these charges.

Unlicensed/disqualified driving

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle without a valid licence or registration can have serious consequences for your livelihood. Penalties for driving during the period when the court has disqualified your drivers licence, for example, come with a minimum two (2) years further disqualification of your drivers licence. Repeat offenders are frequently imprisoned as the courts consider it to be an affront to the administration of justice. 

Talk to a member of our experienced team so we can get the best outcome for you, your family and career. 

Work licence applications

If you lose too many demerit points or are charged with drink-driving, you may be eligible for a work or day licence that allows you to continue to work.

In the courts these are referred to as restricted licences and special hardship orders.

However, not everyone is able to apply.

You may be refused because of your previous traffic history, for example, if you have lost your licence in the previous five years.

In order to make a successful application, your legal team will have to satisfy the magistrate you are a fit and proper person, and the loss of your driver’s licence would lead to some form of hardship.

The magistrate will examine your character, traffic history, employment, family situation and financial circumstances in order to make a ruling.

Applications must be in writing and include signed affidavits from you, your employer (if applicable) and other third parties that support your case.

This is where having an expert traffic lawyer with experience in these matters is crucial.

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