Wills & Estates

Estate planning can be much more complicated than preparing a simple will and Enduring Power of Attorney.  For example:-

  • Blended families are now commonplace and it is imperative that you understand who may benefit from or challenge the distribution of your estate in the event of your passing;
  • Superannuation can often be one of the most significant assets which you have an interest in and is often overlooked;
  • Corporate structures, including trusts, and the way they will be dealt with in the event of death often requires detailed consideration and planning. 

Bell Dore Lawyers can help you to prepare and execute both simple and complex will and power of attorney documents.

Getting the help of an experienced lawyer will ensure:

  • Your assets are dealt with in a manner that preserves your lifestyle while alive, but still gives effect to your wishes.
  • Your chosen beneficiaries benefit from your estate.

We can also provide advice about:

  • Who may be an appropriate attorney or executor.
  • Structures, including testamentary trusts, that may assist to give effect to your wishes and protect your estate from potential claimaints.

Our team’s extensive family and commercial law experience helps ensure your wishes will be accurately recorded and implemented in the most cost-effective and appropriate manner.

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