Financial agreements

Financial agreements aren’t just for the rich and famous.

If you want to protect your individual wealth and create a financial plan for your future with your partner, it may be something you wish to consider.

A financial agreement can be useful in:

  • Protecting the wealth that one or both parties bring to a relationship.
  • Particularising the financial obligations of the parties before, during and after a relationship.
  • Ensuring that estate planning measures are effective.

Contrary to popular belief, a financial agreement can also be made before or during a de facto relationship or marriage.

The importance of obtaining quality legal advice when negotiating and preparing a financial agreement cannot be understated.

Disputes about the validity, meaning and effect of a financial agreement after the breakdown of a relationship are not uncommon and can result in costly and stressful litigation. 

Bell Dore Lawyers are skilled at preparing financial agreements that clearly define your rights and obligations and protect your assets.

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