Parenting matters

Negotiating living arrangements for your children that meet their needs and balances their right to have a relationship with both parents can be stressful and difficult.

Generally the court is required to consider an arrangement where children spend equal time with each of their parents. However, the paramount consideration is what is in the best interests of the children. In determining what arrangements are in a child’s best interests, the court will consider several factors, including:

  • The benefit the children will receive by having a meaningful relationship with both parents
  • The need to protect the children from harm and from being exposed to abuse, neglect or violence
  • Any views expressed by the children
  • The nature of the children’s relationship with each parent and any other significant adult
  • The practical difficulty and expense of children spending time and communicating with a parent
  • The capacity for each parent and any other significant adult to provide for the needs of the children
  •  Any family violence

Bell Dore Lawyers are experienced in helping you navigate these matters and putting in place a parenting arrangement that works for you and your children, including where there are allegations of domestic violence.

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